Should You Change Your HDMI Cables When You Upgrade Your TV?  

Should You Change Your HDMI Cables When You Upgrade Your TV?
Should You Change Your HDMI Cables When You Upgrade Your TV?

Planning to transform your living room into a home theatre? Many people choose the centre of the room as the best location to enjoy watching movies. But this is where the real problem starts due to the huge gap between the cinematic screen and the other device. Is this the problem you’re facing too? 

Well, this is where upgrading your current HDMI cable comes in. Along with your TV, your cable too requires new changes. Wondering how to elevate your device-to-TV viewing experience? HDMI cable can offer you a whole new experience. Besides, here is more to know about. 

Do you Need New HDMI Cables When Upgrading your TV?

In general, you do not need to buy new cables if you’re buying a new 4K TV. But is that you’re dealing with a TV image that often blinks, flashes and cuts out? In this case, you might have a cable issue or the HDMI cable may have torn out. In such a situation, it will be worth it to buy a new HDMI cable

However, if you’ve recently purchased a new TV and it won’t display 4K or HDR content, then there are chances that your old cable is unable to handle it. In such a case you can change your cable to a Premium Certified HDMI cable for a better experience.

Other Reasons Why Should You Upgrade HDMI Cables?

Be it a HDMI connector or a cable, a good quality one is always durable. Therefore, people often use the old decade as there’s no need to change. But with the advancement of technology, new upgrades and replacements are happening more. 

This is when you need different HDMI cables to meet different specifications and features. Wondering when you should upgrade your HDMI cable? Well here are some necessary situations when it should be done :

  1. When Buying a New Equipment 

Be it a TV, monitor, gaming console or computer, when something stops working, replacement becomes the only solution. However, these are entertainment devices and are also replaced due to other reasons such as to enjoy better picture quality, better performance or updated features. So if you’re planning to upgrade your equipment then you’ll need to update your HDMI cables. 

  1. When Old ones Stop Working  

Whether HDMI connector or HDMI cable, all can stop working unexpectedly that too without any warning. Even though these are durable, they might stop working. Because of this, you may experience bizarre colours and black screens. This may happen due to many reasons such as torn-out cables or unusual bends. So irrespective of the reasons, you’ll need to choose a quality HDMI cable over a faulty one. 

  1. When you Rearrange your Space  

Whether you’re planning to rearrange your current space or shifting to a new office or home, there are changes you’ll need to upgrade your HDMI cables. Besides, keeping track of cables can be stressful too. But you can also use this as an opportunity to clear out outdated cables. So replace them with new cables that will not only fit better but also offer a better experience. 

Which HDMI Cable Should You Purchase?

Even though you might be using your old HDMI cable, there are changes you might be leaving behind a lot of benefits that come with new standards. Wondering which HDMI cable you should purchase? Because these cables are the standard for audio/video in everything, special consideration is required. 

Also, there are many different types of advanced HDMI cables such as HDMI female to female, high-speed HDMI cable, and more, each having its own features. Wondering which will be the best? In general, it depends on your device and requirements. For instance, for TVs, game consoles and sound systems, you may need an HDMI 2.0 cable as it supports 4K to 60Hz.

How to Select the Right HDMI Cable?

Planning to purchase new HDMI cables? To help you make the right choice, here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing:

  • Before purchasing the first thing you need to know is the different classifications. There are mainly 4 types of HDMI cords, each having different HDMI versions. The different 4 types are:
  1. Standard HDMI Cable 
  2. High-Speed HDMI Cable 
  3. Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable
  4. Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable
  • The next thing you must consider is distance- how long you need your cable. Remember to purchase what suits your application and bridges the connection gap between your device and equipment. You can choose from different cables such as passive cables, active cables or Cat5/Cat6 fibre optic cables. 
  • Another thing you need to consider is the quality. To make sure you have the best quality cable, opt to purchase from a reputed brand. 
  • Also, remember to check its speed rating and maximum bandwidth. 

Enjoy a Better Entertainment Experience

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